Hoodoo &Spiritual Workers who SCAM- Shame Shame Shame!!!!!!

Why do “Fake” Root Workers/Hoodoo Practitioners or fake spiritual-workers charged desperate customers, “$1000’s” of dollars, even though it is considered wrong to do so in traditional or “Real” Hoodoo? To accept a fair donation instead is how I was taught, depending on the work to be done. Whether it be spells, candle lightings, divination or the specialty offered, to charge a desperate person thousands of dollars is criminal and greedy and the karma will be well-deserved for the fake practitioner.

Now don’t get me wrong;

When it comes to “real” hoodoo or rootwork, a real practitioner does not charge a “ridiculous” price, ie, $1,500, $2,500 or $3,000 or more…..This is not the way I was taught and I am sure many real spiritual workers will agree.. Dont get me wrong, I dont advocate “FREE” workings, just not greedy work! A fair price in exchange for help & guidance is the right approach. A person in need of spiritual help will be more committed to the work and participate when there is an exchange of gifts in kind…Free work is the essence of charity and should be reserved for those whom a worker wishes to be charitable and merciful to…. Many blessings will come to a practitioner who offers this form of charity….

Greedy “fake” workers or scam artists are one of the very reasons the beauty of hoodoo/conjure is deemed a horrid practice all around..
Conjure becomes “con-artist” because someone who really needed help has been scammed by an unscrupulous fake practitioner…

Here are a few “RED FLAGS” for you, if you ever consider working with a root worker, or seek spiritual guidance.

1. A Guaranteed Curse or Outcome – THERE IS NO SUCH THING – Proverbs 26:2 (Like a fluttering sparrow or a darting swallow, an undeserved curse does not come to rest.)

2. Will Take Any Case – No Real practitioner in their right mind will take every case… It is not the way..If they encourage you to spend lots of money before knowing anything about you.. Run like hell…

3. No Options or tell you that “YOU ARE” Cursed”…
No reader will “frighten” a customer with bloody eggs or be convinced just by looking at you/hearing you; etc..that you are cursed, this is an old gypsy tactic… Again, RUN LIKE HELL…..

4. Overpriced Items – Like $200.00 candles… OMG! Dont fall for this scam…
a blessed candle should be cheap enough if they intend to really help you..

5. A regular, published phone number… If you cant reach your worker for a phone consultation, after you sent your money, you have been scammed… If they work by email only, say goodbye to your money…

6. No REAL SET or FAIR price or charges.. If they are stringing you along, and cant give you a price for ALL services after the consultation….They are getting ready to steal your money…. Get the price upfront “if” they offer to help you and and pay no more…

7. Did not ask you for personal items, such as nails hair etc, to perform a spell- They have no intention of performing any spell….. RUN!!

8. They want Moneygram or Western Union ONLY! Its a scam, nuff said… Paypal is traceable and you can request a receipt..

9. Your Gut! Intuition exists for a reason…
Never second guess it.. If it feels shady, it probably is…

10. Has No Specialty – No “REAL” spiritual worker is proficient in witchcraft, wicca, voodoo, hoodoo, magic, paganism, crystals, cards, bones, wax, mirrors, tea leaves, scrying, psychic, empath, hand-reading, greek god worship, catholicism, stones, runes, entrails, orisha, ouija & santeria “ALL” at the same dam time- If they claim to know ALL these skills… RUN LIKE HELL, a real practitioner is not a jack of all trades….

TIP: A real worker will “know” if you are being honest with them and honest with yourself..

I consider the prices below to be more than fair for common “Spiritual Root Work or Conjure Spells”; Other spiritual practices I am not familiar with are not included in this list.

Initial Readings- $0-$10
Candle Work- $0-$10
Simple Spells & rootwork – $20-$50
Difficult Spells and rootwork – $50-$100
Custom Mojo – $20-$50
Custom Doll – $20-$50
Jackballs -$10
Prayers – $0
Honey Jars -$10-$20

If someone is quoting you $500.00+ upfront or more, this is the beginning of the scam, you are about to hand over $500.00 & more down the road once they get you hooked.. This is done out of pure desperation/vulnerable conditions…. I can assure you that you will receive nothing but comforting words…and the run around. My advice to you would be serious prayer until you are able to pay a practitioner the fair prices & who is not out to take your “last” hard earned dollar….

Lisa Kay

One thought on “Hoodoo &Spiritual Workers who SCAM- Shame Shame Shame!!!!!!

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  1. Oh How I wish I knew this last year..almost $500 later and not only no results..the very popular “worker” i came across in a Hoodoo group and asked for help, i caught in several lies.. and upon asking them for a follow up reading on the work as they had promised one as part of the deal ..he became nasty and snarky and almost threatening.. I had to block him . Supposedly he did a reading at the beginning that said the work was justified (and it is..simply because this person abused and molested 2 children) ..then there was a large payment made..personal effects sent..generic pictures sent to me of some of the working..which looked the same as several others workings on his site.. then i was told to buy several of his products to use on the target on my end and I did so..at a cost of over $100..Now a year later..no results ..and this worker continues to prey on others in groups. Several people have issues with him for similar reasons but are unable to speak out as he has a huge fan following in many groups online. I will never trust another worker.


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